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Costs over {{ $ctrl.monthly_total | currency:'£':0 }} / month to operate - this is made up of:


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{{ $ctrl.monthly_vehicle | currency:'£':0 }}


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The Value of FlowVRP

On average, a business like yours will need to charge over {{ $ctrl.job_value | currency:'£':0 }} per job to be profitable.

By optimizing your schedule, FlowVRP can help you fulfil {{ $ctrl.flow_multiplier_pct | number:1 }}% more jobs each month. Not to mention the savings in administration time and effort.

FlowVRP Value

Complete {{ $ctrl.extra_jobs }} more jobs every month

That's another {{ $ctrl.extra_jobs_value | currency:'£':0 }} each month

The FlowVRP Value Calculator is provided for estimation purposes only. This is provided as a complimentary service on an as-is basis and FlowVRP makes no warranty as to the accuracy of the calculations or results. Actual ROI varies from company to company.

ROI is calculated as ((Value - Cost) / Cost) × 100%

We use the following averages for salary ({{ $ctrl.salary | currency:'£':0 }}), associated employment costs ({{ $ctrl.employment_costs | currency:'£':0 }}), and van operating costs ({{ $ctrl.vehicle_costs | currency:'£':0 }}) to give a low estimate of your fleet operational costs. We assume ancillary costs of {{ $ctrl.ancillary_costs }} as a proportion of your fleet staff costs, this represents the cost of management and support staff for your fleet.

Staff costs include: Salary, National Insurance, Bonuses, Pension, Training, Equipment, Holiday, Sick Leave, Maternity and Paternity Leave. Vehicle costs include Depreciation / Lease, Service, Maintenance, Repair, Tyres, Tax and Insurance.

These numbers represent industry averages that best represent our customers.

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