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Why Your Office Administrator Struggles to Optimise Fleet Routes

by Paul King

Your office administrator might be tackling one of the hardest mathematical problems known to man. I hope they have their PhD ready…

The Travelling Salesman / Vehicle Routing Problem

The Travelling Salesman Problem - as it is known in computer science circles, aims to find the shortest possible route through multiple destinations, then finish at the original starting point. Now imagine you own a boiler servicing company with a fleet of vehicles - this becomes a problem of enormous difficulty.

Chances are - your office administrator does not have a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. If they did, they may have written research papers on the travelling salesman problem and attempted to write algorithms to solve it!

There have been incremental improvements towards perfecting the travelling salesman problem over the years, each one celebrated by the mathematical community. The next big improvements to these calculations are expected be made by quantum computers. As you can imagine, this is complex stuff.

A Task Beyond Human Capability

If your office administrator is trying to manually solve this complex problem on a daily basis using their best guess, can you imagine the efficiencies that can be made by delegating this task to a computer algorithm instead? The staff, mileage, and petrol savings can be enormous, not to mention the improvement in service levels.

Without a software solution to make these calculations, companies are placing a huge amount of responsibility on a member of staff, to solve problems too complex for any person to solve. When you think that a typical job advertisement for a fleet manager says something like this:

“Key duties and experience for this role include; ensure effective and efficient use of driver and vehicle resources” Then the company must ensure staff members have all the correct software tools at their disposal to ensure efficient use of drivers. Such a key aspect of the business should not be left to human intuition alone.

Solving the Problem

Flow VRP can help your administrators optimise vehicle routes and job schedules at the click of a button. This will allow them to focus their time on other high value (and hopefully less stressful) tasks.

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