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The King Brothers

by David King

A brief journey to FlowVRP

I’ve been a software engineer for over 20 years. I’ve worked with some fantastic companies. Silicon-Valley startups have taught me a lot, but Lucion Services has been the most influencial for FlowVRP.

I was their software architect for 5 years. Together, we transformed their company with a business-operating-system called NexGen. We addressed every inefficiency in the company to improve daily operations. This helped Lucion’s profits, culture and morale. They grew to become the largest company in their industry, and acquired many of their competitors along the way.

When thinking about the kind of business I wanted to create, I considered what I’d learned:

  • Great software can be rocket fuel for the right company
  • Even in the age of AI, many businesses have archaic processes
  • Tackling painful problems first makes customers happy
  • There’s always more to do!

FlowVRP tackles the one painful problem that we never solved in my time with Lucion - fleet scheduling. It feels great to finally crack that nut!

I’ve been sharing my vision with my brother Paul for some months. As a talented programmer and gifted salesperson, he’s the perfect sounding-board. He was impressed by my work and asked to join the company. Finding the right business partners is notoriously hard - I’ve been lucky that my brother has so many complimentary talents.

Plus, when cofounders are good friends already, business meetings can be fun…

Paul and David King

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