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Is Your Lack of Fleet Optimisation Software Costing You Tenders?

by Paul King

Tender applications can be a tricky business.

They are a minefield of CPV (Common Procurement Vocabulary) codes and prerequisite forms. Complex in nature, they can take days to complete. To top it off, you are often bidding against many other companies.

The idea of writing long tenders, and learning about CPV codes and other tender jargon does not infuse me with energy. Especially when there is no guarantee of success.

The Upside of Tenders?

Tenders are usually in the tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Additionally, they often provide ongoing work as part of a maintenance contract. As a result, landing the right tender can mean your cash-flow forecast will be green and healthy for years to come.

Tenders represent a wealth of opportunity for small and medium sized businesses. In most industries, tenders are plentiful. The government has also committed to spending more money on SME’s over the coming years.

What’s more, unlike traditional marketing-driven sales, there is no need to find customers. Tender suppliers are ready to buy, justifying the time-cost of writing tender applications.

The Government’s Plan to Support SME’s

In a recent home office action plan, the government outlined its spending plans . These include a commitment to spend 1 in every 3 pounds (33%) with small to medium sized businesses (SME’s) by 2022. The previous target was 1 in every 4 pounds (25%) in 2015.

Great news for small and medium sized businesses!

When Is Vehicle Scheduling Software Important?

I spoke with John Hudson, founder of Hudson Procurement Group about his experiences writing tenders. His team often provides this service on behalf of clients.

John said:

“Some of our clients get downgraded due to a lack of appropriate software. In certain industries such as repairs and maintenance or boiler servicing for example, vehicle scheduling software allows for better productivity

These requirements often arise during the prerequisite stage of the tender application process

We often encourage clients to put in place a software solution. This gives them the best chance of winning tenders. Suppliers may look at fleet management processes when choosing a service provider”

Jack Grayson from Hudson Procurement elaborated further:

“Scheduling software is definitely beneficial from an environmental standpoint. There are often added value questions in tenders where suppliers must outline their environmental benefits

Suppliers are often asked how they can increase efficiency and added value for buyers. Vehicle route optimisation software can cut fuel costs and reduce the need for as many drivers, so this would certainly tick the right boxes”

Hudson Procurement Group Takes the Pain out of Tender Writing

Hudson Procurement Group help companies find tenders in their industry. They manage several sites including a website specifically for logistics tenders. Their tender portal gathers tenders from different public and private sector buyers then tags them with user friendly search terms.

The great thing about this - you no longer need to learn CPV codes or check multiple tender portals for opportunities. Their team also advises companies about missing prerequisites and potential pitfalls. They even write tenders for clients with limited time resources.

If you need help writing your tenders, check out Hudson Procurement Group’s tender writing service

For vehicle route scheduling software check out

On a personal note, I have known John for many years, and can personally attest to him being a diligent businessman who cares about his customers.

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