Vehicle Route Planning

Get more from your fleet with one-click routing and scheduling

Name Role
Simon Harris Surveyor
Lauren Parker Inspector
Thomas Grant Sales
Jennifer Rose Maintenance
Today's Jobs
Name Task
34 Walwyn Rd, Chartridge Job
103 Wressle Road, Southfleet Service
110 Warren St, West Drayton Delivery
Staff.csv Today's Jobs.csv Flow Vehicle Route Planning
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What does FlowVRP do?

FlowVRP creates your fleet schedule at the click of a button!

FlowVRP in a nutshell
  • Generate Optimised Routes
  • Consider Skills and Equipment
  • Prioritise Important Jobs
  • Handle Time-Windows
  • Include Breaks and EU Driving Rules
  • Use Traffic Predictions
  • Simple to Use and Integrate
Route planning made simple
Many jobs and vehicles, with no schedule Each vehicle, assigned an optimal route

Our Customers…

Complete more jobs each day

Have lower fuel costs

Maximise asset utilisation

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